Monster Spray


Rest Easy, Shoo Away Monster Spray: We made this for our Granddaughter Rori’s sleep over’s. Spray 2-3 times in the room or around the sleeping area to help repel those silly monsters. The lavender provides a calming, relaxing aroma. She also uses it when she sleeps outside during the summer…it helps repel those real monsters called fleas and mosquitoes. 2 fluid oz. pump bottle, just right for little hands.

Size: 2 fl oz

Price: $8.00

Body Mist


Combining the lovely aroma of lavender with the beneficial botanical ingredients like aloe Vera, witch hazel, and tea tree oil, makes this mister one of our corner stone products. It will soothe the senses and restore calm. Use it as a refreshing body mist or a room freshening spray. Mist your bed linens for a relaxing night of peaceful sleep. My friend, Marilyn recommends chilling it in the refrigerator for a cool blast on a hot day. 8 fluid oz. Mister spray bottle

Size: 8 fl oz

Price: $14.50

Aromatic Floral Water


This Fragrant Floral Water is produced during the steam distillation for oil from our lavender plants grown on a mountain meadow of the Cascade foothills. 8 Fluid oz with Fine Mister Spray. Use it as a linen spray, with ironing, on your curtains so the breeze catches the lovely lavender aroma to freshen your room. I also add a few drops to an article of clothing as I transfer the wet clothes to the dryer in my laundry room; it helps reduce cling and has the added bonus of the fresh aroma of lavender swaying in the summer breeze - year around!

Size: 8 fl oz

Price: $8.00

Essential Oil


Our 100% Pure, Natural Essential Lavender Oil are Steam Distilled by us, from plants grown at The Meadow of Lavender. Bottled in a 15 ml cobalt blue (English) or amber (French), glass bottle. (Most distillery’s sell their oil in 5 or 10 ml bottles. Our bottles are a 15 ml (1/2oz) bottle with dark colored glass to protect the oil from deteriorating from exposure to light. Our oils are not diluted in a carrier oil or adulterated in the distillation process … they are 100% Pure Lavender Oil

Size: 15ml

Price: $15.95

Lavender Sachet


This adorable, lusciously fragrant sachet tube is embellished with a bee accent button and beautiful lavender ribbon for a very sweet presentation. You can place it in a drawers, suitcase, pillowcases (or under as dream pillow), or use the ribbon to hang on a hanger amongst your clothes. (Lavender is a natural moth repellant).
Enjoy the aroma, where ever it is placed. To refresh it’s fragrance, just give it a few squeezes…and Poof…the lovely lavender aroma is released for years to come.

Filled with 100% pure, natural lavender.

9 inches long
1.5 inches wide

Price: $11.00

Aromatherapy Herbal Body Wrap


Enjoy this Designer Luxury 100% Cotton, Herbal Body Wrap. This two piece wrap has a cuddly soft, mink like outer shell that you can wash in cold water. The insert with its tubular construction helps keep the lavender and flax seed filling evenly spaced.

This wrap is the Ultimate in Hot or Cold Therapy to Naturally Soothe away Stress, Neck Pain, Tummy Cramps, Arthritis or Body Aches. It melts away the discomfort, leaving your body, mind and spirit refreshed, relieved, relaxed and renewed.

Price: $42.00

Aromatherapy Neck Wrap


Luxury and Versatility. You can use it warm to provide the ultimate in relaxation and heat therapy. Great for treating tension, stress and pain. Lay back, allow the warmth to sooth your aching muscles. Breath deep, the luscious lavender aroma will bring peace of mind and deep relaxation.

Microwave for 2 minutes and enjoy 15 minutes of moist, fragrant heat right where you need it.

Price: $30.00

Linen Satchets


Fresh Linen Satchet Hand Warmer Dryer Sachets, Set of 3
Lovely set of three 4” x 4” lavender filled sachets.

Keep your linens always fresh by slipping this sachet between the layers of your sheets and towels in your linen closet. Your guests are sure to be impressed when their towels smell like they were line dried in a French lavender field.

I like to keep some in my nightgown drawer…. the heavenly aroma helps relax me for a good night’s rest. You could even slip one under your pillow.

This size is perfect as a hand warmer to take along on chilly walks.

Price: $22.00

Eye Mask


The Ultimate in Aromatherapy … Essential Eye Mask

Price: $22.00

Aromatherapy Eye Pillow


This luxurious crescent shaped eye Pac is perfect for easing tension and stress, quieting your mind, calming your nerves, decreasing tension in your eyes, and provides welcome relief for headaches. The eye pillow applies gentle acupressure to tired eyes and facial muscles, while the aromatherapy induces an aura of comfort and calm. Reversible to meet your needs; one side has mink-like fleece for a cuddly, warming effect and the other is a Lavender themed soft cotton print for a cooling effect. Filled with organic flax seed and lavender.

Price: $19.00