Liquid Soap


Enjoy the soothing essence of Lavender, Lavender Lemongrass or Lavender Orange / Ginger in our handwash soap that is rich lathering with a smooth silky feel. My favorite is the lavender lemongrass - Lavender known to help combat many microbes and bacteria including MRSA and Lemongrass known to help combate E-Coli.

Size: 8 fluid oz

Price: $14.00

Shea Butter Cream


A thick and rich hand and body crème. Leaves skin amazingly soft and smooth without feeling greasy.
Full of natural ingredients that will help prevent moisture loss. Beneficial for the Health of Your Skin!

Size: 4 fluid oz

Price: $19.50

Lip Therapy


Soothing Beeswax Formula, Fomulated to Nourish and Moisturize your lips with natural ingredients as nature intended.
Great for use as a daily lip conditioner.

Price: $5.00

Body and Massage Oil


A luxurious blend of nourishing oils that penetrates deeply, making the skin extraordinarily soft, supple and smooth. Easily absorbed, this oil blend provides the perfect glide as massage oil or can be used after bath to replenish moisture. Not only is it Ideal for Massage but it also revitalizes hair and gives skin a radiant and youthful look. Used externally, this natural product allows us to enjoy the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and soothing properties.

Price: $19.95

Body Mist


Combining the lovely aroma of lavender with the beneficial botanical ingredients like aloe Vera, witch hazel, and tea tree oil, makes this mister one of our corner stone products. It will soothe the senses and restore calm. Use it as a refreshing body mist or a room freshening spray. Mist your bed linens for a relaxing night of peaceful sleep. My friend, Marilyn recommends chilling it in the refrigerator for a cool blast on a hot day. 8 fluid oz. Mister spray bottle

Size: 8 fl oz

Price: $14.50

Hand and Body Lotion


A very velvety lotion, enriched with shea butter, filled with vitamin rich botanicals and natural emollients and The Meadow Of Lavender’s Pure, Non-GMO, Lavender Essential Oil. Powerful Relief for Dry Skin. Rapidly absorbs so you can get right back to what you were working on with no extra residue.

Size: 8 fluid oz

Price: $14.95

Hand Crafted Soap Bar


Our handcrafted soap helps skin maintain a healthy balance. They provide a rich lathering wash and come in a variety of invigorating, intoxicating fragrances. Hand-stirred, hand-cut and well cured to ensure a long lasting bar, then individually wrapped in our own artistic lavender themed papers. Try our Lavender Lime Oatmeal exfoliant Gardener Soap that not only provides deep moisturizing but is also great for deep cleaning hands that have worked hard in the garden.
Our working hands Moisturizing Scrub formula is a real treat for skin at the end of a day’s work.

Price: $4.00
Select a core fragrance

Aromatherapy Herbal Body Wrap


Enjoy this Designer Luxury 100% Cotton, Herbal Body Wrap. This two piece wrap has a cuddly soft, mink like outer shell that you can wash in cold water. The insert with its tubular construction helps keep the lavender and flax seed filling evenly spaced.

This wrap is the Ultimate in Hot or Cold Therapy to Naturally Soothe away Stress, Neck Pain, Tummy Cramps, Arthritis or Body Aches. It melts away the discomfort, leaving your body, mind and spirit refreshed, relieved, relaxed and renewed.

Price: $42.00

Linen Satchets


Fresh Linen Satchet Hand Warmer Dryer Sachets, Set of 3
Lovely set of three 4” x 4” lavender filled sachets.

Keep your linens always fresh by slipping this sachet between the layers of your sheets and towels in your linen closet. Your guests are sure to be impressed when their towels smell like they were line dried in a French lavender field.

I like to keep some in my nightgown drawer…. the heavenly aroma helps relax me for a good night’s rest. You could even slip one under your pillow.

This size is perfect as a hand warmer to take along on chilly walks.

Price: $22.00

Eye Mask


The Ultimate in Aromatherapy … Essential Eye Mask

Price: $22.00