Aromatic Floral Water


This Fragrant Floral Water is produced during the steam distillation for oil from our lavender plants grown on a mountain meadow of the Cascade foothills. 8 Fluid oz with Fine Mister Spray. Use it as a linen spray, with ironing, on your curtains so the breeze catches the lovely lavender aroma to freshen your room. I also add a few drops to an article of clothing as I transfer the wet clothes to the dryer in my laundry room; it helps reduce cling and has the added bonus of the fresh aroma of lavender swaying in the summer breeze - year around!

Size: 8 fl oz

Price: $8.00

Wipe Out Household Cleaner


Using our Lavender Household Cleaner is a simple act that instantly refreshes home and mind. Potent, Easy and hard-working, enhanced with the aroma and antibacterial properties of Lavender.
16 fl oz

Price: $10.50

Yoga Mat Spray


Our Yoga Mat spray keeps your yoga mat clean, bacteria free and smelling fresh while promoting relaxation. Enjoy the natural antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits of Lavender essential oil and Hydrosol.
Size: 8 fl oz

Price: $10.00

Reversible Placemat


Add some luxury and glamor to your table setting with these reversible placements. Enjoy the premier collection of coordinating fabrics. Once side is a vintage cottage style with hues of lavender, purples, white and green. The other side is lavender flowers and bud on a light green background. Coordinating napkins are available for purchase

Set of 4

19 inches wide
14 inches long

Price: $40.00

Aromatherapy Key Chain


Do you find your shoulders up to your ears, feeling anxious and stressed during your commute? Give this key-bob a squeeze, and release the soothing aroma that will transport you back to the meadow of lavender swaying in the summer breeze. Breathe deep and begin to feel calm once again. We use one of our favorite cotton fabrics; called Lavender Market, and fill it with100% pure, natural, lavender bud harvested from the Meadow of Lavender. It provides a fabulous fragrance in your car or latter in your purse.

Price: $9.00