Lavender is the quintessential cottage garden pant, used for centuries in crafts, perfumery, aromatherapy, as a condiment and preservative, herbal remedies, sweetly decorated sachets, and even as moth and insect repellent. Most gardeners find that this aromatic, romantic, gorgeous plant demands its place in landscaping. Like roses, they come in a spectrum of colors, fragrances and sizes. Lavender is very easy to grow, is low maintenance and adds beneficial effects for your garden as well as all the personal benefits it brings to you!

Types of Lavender

We have over 25 varieties showcased in a variety of landscapes; grass garden, rose gardens, herbal / culinary garden, evergreen garden, cottage – vintage picking garden, hedges, rock garden, knot garden, in the labyrinth and medicine wheel, and of course…in the Meadow.

If you are looking for Color:

Richest Purples
  • Hidcote
  • Purple Bouquet
  • Impress Purple
Darkest Blues
  • Betty’s Blue
  • Gross Blue
  • Royal Velvet
Pink to White
  • Melissa
  • Edelweiss
  • Ballerina

For Strongest Scent:

  • Grosso
  • Gross Blue
  • Impress Purple
  • Mailette
  • Fragrant Memories

For Culinary Use:

  • Melissa
  • Buena Vista
  • Royal Velvet
  • Folgate