Enjoy this Designer Luxury 100% Cotton, Herbal Body Wrap. This two piece wrap has a cuddly soft, mink like outer shell that you can wash in cold water. The insert with its tubular construction helps keep the lavender and flax seed filling evenly spaced.

This wrap is the Ultimate in Hot or Cold Therapy to Naturally Soothe away Stress, Neck Pain, Tummy Cramps, Arthritis or Body Aches. It melts away the discomfort, leaving your body, mind and spirit refreshed, relieved, relaxed and renewed.

Use it in the winter as a lap warmer in the car, or a pre-sleep bed warmer. I’ve used it in the crib for my grandbabies to warm the cold crib bedding before I lay them down to sleep. (Removing it before the baby is laid down). I also give it as a gift to grieving spouses…just something warm to hold or put next to them in bed.

For Warm Pac; microwave just the insert for 2 minutes, then place it in the shell before you place it on your body.

For Cold Pac; Pace the insert in a zip lock bag, place in the freezer to chill. Once cold, remove it from the zip lock bag then place it on your body for up to 10 minutes to help relieve pain and inflammation.

20 inches long
10 inches wide

Weight: 4.22 lb
Dimensions: 20 in × 10 in × 0 in