My father, taught me a great truth… “The environment and Nature that we live in or spend time in, greatly influences how well we think, feel and interact;  and that goes the other way around … how we think, feel and interact influences the wellbeing and balance of our environment and all of nature in that environment.”

“The Deep Nature Truth” that my father taught is a very important part of our Farms mission. Taking the first part…nature influences us; we have worked hard to create and provide an experience in Nature that I know, will “impact how well you think, feel and interact.” When you experience the luscious healing aroma of lavender swaying in the summer breeze at the restful, serene mountain Meadow of Lavender, surely you will experience Natures beauty, solace, serenity, inspiration, adventure, delight, rejuvenation and guidance! 

Along with the setting in Nature, we strive in creating and buying our products to include quality ingredients found in Nature. We utilize the positive characteristics, traits and benefits of lavender and other natural ingredients in a variety of products for your use.  Our store goal is to bring you Natures gifts, to provide you with healthy, natural choices to influence your wellbeing. 

At the Meadow of Lavender, you will experience Nature with all your senses; touch, smell, sight, hearing, taste and … you will learn about and from Nature!  You’ll know why we consider this setting in Nature, a “little piece of heaven on earth.”

Meadow of Lavender - Harvest

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