Meadow of Lavender - Nurture

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To Nurture is to care for and encourage growth and development. To Nurture includes care of Self, of Others, and our Environment.  It includes care of our Body, our Mind, and our Spirit.

As a nurse, taking care of patients with chronic diseases, I was privileged to and passionate about working with people to empower them to manage their life; nurturing them towards a life experience of “At-Ease” versus, Dis-Ease.”

This continues to be the backbone in creating what we do here at the Meadow of Lavender.  What-ever we teach or do here on the farm…our goal is to incorporate the philosophy of “Whole-istic” nurturing. To have an experience of and learn how to be “at-ease.” To diminish “Dis-ease” in the Body, Mind, Spirit and Environment. In creating and supplying items at the farm store, our goal is to nurture; with soothing, moisturizing, therapeutic, healing, healthy, and beneficial ingredients in our products. We strive to include a variety of products to nurture you personally and your home. We’ve created a Nurturing environment in Nature for you to enjoy. We are continuing to learn about and implement innovative, creative practices in nurturing this great gift God has given us in the farm and business, not only the land, but the wildlife that visit us and all the critters in our midst. We are thrilled to Nurture this garden, and to provide a nurturing environment for all who enter here. Come, get the full experience of Lavender and be … “At-Ease.”