Lavendula stoechas
Origin: Peter Carter, New Zealand
Color: Bicolor Flower with a dark purple flower head with white extensions called bracts. The foliage is a light gray green
Size: 30-36 inches with 4-6 inch stems
Blooming Season: Continuously from early Spring through Summer.
Fragrance: rich, camphorus.
Hardiness:  Zone 8-10
Uses: Container gardening, or in landscape.
This is one of my favorite Stoechas.  I have it in the Medicine Wheel in the North quadrant, representing the color white.  Sarah from Stonegate Lavender states that “The top bracts resemble a ballerina’s arms stretched in an arch above her head.” I love how the breeze catches the stems giving the presentation of ferries dancing on the meadow.

Betty's Blue

Lavendula angustifolia
Origin: Nichols Garden, Albany Oregon
Color: Dark violet-blue flower with gray green to silvery foliage.
Size: Compact growth habit, 20-30 inches with 6-8 inch stems
Blooming Season: once in early to mid-summer
Fragrance: Fragrant, Sweet
Hardiness: Zone 6-9
Uses: Crafts, culinary, border landscaping or for fresh or dried flower arrangement.
I love how Betty’s blue really show cases our Medicine Wheel. I use it on the outside border because of its tight compact habit with a grand show of vibrant flowers. To me it says: “Hey Over here…come walk this, inside this circle, you are safe.”  I also like it in landscaping, companion gardening with yellow to orange cornflowers.
I chose it for the wheels outside protective border in name sake for my own mother:  Betty Ann, who loves blue.

Blue River

Lavendula angustifolia
Origin: Seed strain from Holland
Color:  Incredibly intense dark Purple flower with sand specks of orange. Silvery-green foliage
Size: Petite variety, uniform, compact habit, 12-20 inches with 6-8 inch stems
Blooming Season: Once in early summer
Fragrance: Very sweet,
Hardiness: Zones 5-9
Uses: Great for container gardening, rock gardens, and as an edging plant

Buena Vista

Lavendula angustifolia
Origin: Donald Roberts, Oregon
Color: eye catching, bi-color, Medium Purple blue and lighter blue on gray-green foliage
Size:  24-30 inches with 10-12 inch stems
Blooming Season: Moderately long growing season, blooming twice / season.
Fragrance: Sought after sweet fragrance, highly aromatic.
Hardiness: Zones 5-9
Uses: A very versatile lavender; Culinary uses, in a rock garden, as a perennial border front and fragrant craft projects such as potpourri.
I use it as a part of the Lavender labyrinth.  It is in the stage 2 of 3 parts of the labyrinth.  It represents the middle; coming from a dark spot into a lighter space, not yet pure and white, but blue…as in hope and promise. I originally chose Buena Vista for its name sake…Buena Vista Oregon is very close to the area I grew up in. As a young girl, my father took us there frequently. It is this quant agricultural community on the Willamette River. This plant has a very special place in my heart.

Dark Supreme

Lavendula angustifolia
Origin: Thomas DeBaggio, Virginia
Color: light violet flowers on gray-green foliage
Size:  24-30 inches with 8-10 inch stems
Blooming Season: blooms twice / season starting in early summer
Fragrance: light sweet / clean aroma
Hardiness: zones 5-9
Uses: This variety is great for drying, bud and craft projects.  I use this bud in my wedding sachets, and potpourri, sometimes mixing it with a darker bud for color variation.  You will also find Dark Supreme as a border plant around the West quadrant of the Medicine Wheel. The color of its flower, matches the color of our west light blue sky.


Lavendula xintermedia
Origin: Possibly from England
Color: Pure white flower on gray-green foliage.  It dries to a greyish green.
Size:  24-30 inches with 18-27 inch stems
Blooming Season: once in early summer
Fragrance: Intensely sweet
Hardiness: Zones 5-9
Uses: I use this plant a lot for wedding lavender, in bouquets, arrangements, as a part of the napkin rings, and frequently alternating it with a more brilliant colored lavender in wreaths.  I also have in bordering my “moon” or white garden.  I love planting this one against an ever green backdrop…to show off its white blooms.


Lavendula angustifolia
Origin: Linn Chilvers, England
Color: Light to medium perwinkle blue with gray-green foliage
Size:  30 inches with 10 inch stems
Blooming Season: This is my earliest bloomer, starting in early Spring.
Fragrance: sweet aroma
Hardiness: Zone 5-9
Uses: This variety is one of the best English lavenders for producing oil.  Some people use it in culinary dishes, but for me, the oil is a little strong for that.  I really prefer this variety for its endless uses as an oil producer and in crafts. This plant is also popular for ornamental use. Because she is the first to bloom in my fields and gardens…she has a special place in my heart. She jump starts us into our lavender season.  I look forward to her showing her colors every spring.

Fragrant Memories

Lavendula xintermedia
Origin: Blooms of Bressingham, England
Color: Light violet flower on silver bushy foliage
Size: This is one of the largest varieties that we have on the farm. They are 36-42 inches with 20-24 inch stems.
Blooming Season: Once in early summer
Fragrance: strongly aromatic, woody, stronger camphor aroma than English lavenders.
Hardiness: zones 5-9
Uses: Hedging, Lavender wands, and wreaths.  I use it in a lavender oil blend that is used for bath and body products.

Gross Blue

Lavendula xintermedia
Origin: Possibly from France, Chambre d’Agriculture farm
Color: Dark navy blue with gray-green foliage
Size:  36-40 inches with 18-20 inch stems
Blooming Season: Once in early summer
Fragrance: Intense, but light, clean aroma
Hardiness: Zones 5-9
Uses: This plant is a vigorous oil producer. It’s oil is one of the main ones for our x intermedia blend. Because it has a longer flower head, we have a large demand for this flower to be used in both dry and fresh flower arrangements. We use it for wreaths, wands and potpourri as well. Because of its intense blue color, it makes a perfect accent plant in your landscaping


Lavendula xintermedia
Origin:  Pierre Grosso, France
Color: Purple on gray-green foliage
Size: 36” with 24” stems
Blooming Season: once in early summer
Fragrance:  Intense, woody
Hardiness:  Zones 5-9
Uses:  This is one of the more popular varieties for oil production.  I love to use it for craft projects because its stems are so strong…like for lavender wands and baskets.  Because it has its wonderful 180-degree habit…it is great in landscaping where it has an isolated show space; in rock gardens and grass gardens.


Lavendula xintermedia
Origin: Major Lawrence Johnston, Hidcote Manor, England
Color: Large, plump flower heads that are Medium Purple with gray – green foliage
Size:  36 to 42 inches with 24-30 inch stems
Blooming Season: Once in early summer
Fragrance: Strong
Hardiness: Zones 5-9
Uses: Dried flowers or as a fragrant ornamental in your garden. 
I love to use this one in arrangements and wreaths. This one is used in our 4” candle rings and is one of our most popular buys in the store. This variety is a major contributor to the xintermedia oil blend that we make here at the Meadow of Lavender because of its strong frangrance.

Impress Purple

Lavendula xintermedia
Origin: France via New Zealand; named by Peter Smale, Redbank Research Centre, New Zealand
Color:  This is one of our darkest lavenders. The early season spikes are a dusty purple that appear silvery as they sway in the summer breeze,  the foliage is mid-green
Size:  30-36” with 20-24” stems
Blooming Season: Once in early summer
Fragrance: Sweet This is one of the varieties that is raised for the perfume trade.  I really like this one aroma.
Hardiness: Zones 6-9
Uses: Fresh Bouquets